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Jobs in Physical Crystallography

Postdoctoral Opportunities:

Research Fellow in the Crystallography of Multiferroic Materials (University of Warwick). Please see the advert here.

PhD Studentships:

Developing A Solvothermal Reaction Cell for in situ Neutron Scattering of Crystallisation (University of Warwick & ISIS). Please see the advert here.

If you would like to put an advert here please email Helen Playford

Previous adverts:

A postdoctoral position is available at beamline P02.1 (simultaneous powder diffraction and total scattering measurements) of the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, DESY. For more information, please visit the webpage. Applications close 20 February.

Studentship in Lattice Dynamics of Coordination Frameworks under Pressure Supervisors: Anthony Phillips (QMUL) & Helen Walker (ISIS)

PhD in Tuning structure and properties in layered perovskites Supervisor: Dr Emma McCabe (Kent)

Postgraduate Scholarship in Ferroelectric Metal-Organic Frameworks Supervisors: Dr Nick Bristowe & Dr Paul Saines (Kent)