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PCG-SCMP Discussion Topics

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How to Participate in the Membership Consultation?

The consultation is open to all PCG-SCMP members and it will run for three months (15 June - 15 September). We hope that this will provide sufficient time for useful and constructive discussions. writing services

Please email your views on the PCG group name to the PCG-SCMP committee at: PCG-SCMP@JISCMAIL.AC.UK

Contributions will be posted on this website, so that different views can be read and discussed.

PCG-SCMP Committee

Using this Page

This is the page where topics of interest to the Physical Crystallography community can be discussed. All new Medical transcription discussion pages must be created in the Topics: area - only PCG-SCMP committee members can create pages in most other areas. For more information on page creation see the online help.

To create a new discussion topic you would edit and add e.g.

[[Topics:my new topic page|description of topic]]

to the top of this page. When saved, this will create a new link on the page called "description of topic" which when you click on will create the new page called "my new topic page" where discussion can take place. Please keep page names short and concise - additional information can be specified in the link description and/or on the topic page itself.

Keeping Informed

To be informed of changes to a discussion you are interested in you can either use the RSS feed for the recentchanges page, or you can "watch" the page. To watch a page you must create an account and log in - if you also wish to be emailed when a pages changes you need to enable this in your account preferences. Note that you will then be sent a single email when a page changes, but will not then receive emails for further changes until you have next looked at the page. For this river cruises in france to work properly (i.e. the WIKI to know you have looked at the page) you need to be logged in when you view it.

PCG-SCMP Discussion Board Rules