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Physical Crystallography Group (PCG) & Structural Condensed Matter Physics (SCMP)

The PCG of the British Crystallographic Association (BCA) and the SCMP of the Institute of Physics (IoP) are two names for the same group. The aim of the group is to promote and support physical crystallography in all its current forms. We organise meetings and workshops, award a thesis prize every year and a lecture prize biannually. There is also limited funding to provide student bursaries to help towards the cost of attending international conferences.

The aim of this website is to provide information to our members and hopefully attract new members from the community. The site is in the form of a ‘wiki’, which allows users of the site to add their own content and comment on others. In this way it is hoped it will be a dynamic home for the physical crystallography community.


2015 BCA Spring Meeting, University of York, 30th March - 2nd April 2015

PCG-SCMP Winter Meeting 2014, 10-11th November 2014 Website

The PANalytical Thesis Prize 2014 winner is Dr. Alex Hearmon (University of Oxford).

The IoP Physical Crystallography Prize 2014 winner is Dr. Roger Johnson (University of Oxford).

PCG-SCMP Portfolio

PCG-SCMP Portfolio

Jobs in Physical Crystallography

Please visit our new section Jobs in physical Crystallography

History of the PCG-SCMP Group

Please visit History of the PCG-SCMP Group for a brief history of the group

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