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PDF Workshop 2 “Local Structure, Data Correction Matters”

This workshop will follow on from the PDF and Reverse Monte Carlo analysis workshop held before the York 2008 BCA spring meeting. It will focus on neutron and/or X-ray data collection and data corrections needed for Pair Distribution Function and Total Scattering analysis. The aim will therefore be to enable people to produce data suitable for the analysis tools demonstrated in the last workshop.

What you need to do before attending:-

  • You need to bring a laptop running MS-Windows (XP, Vista or Windows-7) or a modern version of linux such as Ubuntu 8.04 or later (There may be a mac version available but I can't promise this).
  • Install Java runtime environment on you laptop if it is not already installed, it can be download from here if you do not have it already.
  • Keep an eye on this website in case anything changes with the timetable etc.

A PDF copy of the the timetable can be download from here.

We will use the GUDRUN and GUDRUN-X programs to correct the data. Alternative software such as PDFgetN and PDFgetX2 are available but sadly we will not have the time or expertise present to demonstrate these alternatives.

If you would like to attend this workshop or would like further information please email Matt Tucker.